Bulletproof Selling

Replacing Hope With Certainty in Sales
This course is for sales professionals who are tired of doing their best, but still aren't reaching their goals.

Shawn Rhodes has researched more than 30,000 sales calls and developing hundreds of sales systems to help salespeople around the world, I’ve been able to learn from leaders all over the planet, studying what the very best were doing to systemize their success and bring those lessons and systems back to the salespeople he trains and serves. This program will replace that hope with something more consistent, more scalable and more improvable. We’re replacing hope with systems.

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What You'll Learn

  • About Improving Messaging and Rapport With Prospective Clients
  • How to Enter Meetings With Definable Objectives That Eliminate Chance
  • About Building Scaleable and Predictable Pipelines for Customers
  • Researching That Leads to Results

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About the Guide

Shawn Rhodes

Shawn Rhodes

Chief Sales Sergeant of Bulletproof Selling
Shawn Rhodes, hailing from Tampa, is a transformative figure whose work has influenced and enriched lives on both battlefields and in boardrooms. His legacy as a TEDx speaker is rooted in his invaluable […]