Servant at Heart

How Humility Transforms Leaders and Organizations
Kevin Wayne Johnson, a best selling author, speaker, leadership trainer and pastor shares his extensive wisdom in this course.

The course covers 16 segments where Kevin Wayne Johnson shares from his extensive experience in frontline to senior level leadership. Johnson unpacks some of the core messages that are important to the life of a leader and equips you with foundational leadership principles to govern your leadership style and to propel you forward as a leader who can have a greater impact on your sphere of influence. No matter where you are currently at, you will benefit from delving into this course and learning from one of the best leadership coaches there is. Through this course you will learn the importance of leading with a servant’s heart and how as a leader you can impact and influence others. You will learn how to inspire others through your leadership and develop your character to become a good role model of a leader to people around you. You will also grow in your knowledge of the impact a mentor and a coach can play in someone’s life and how to equip and raise leaders around you.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to Equip Others to Lead
  • How to Impact and Influence Others
  • How to Lead With a Servant's Heart Through Personal Relationships
  • How to Be a Compassionate Leader

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About the Guide

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Board Director I Certified Leadership Trainer I Certified Executive Coach I Certified Speaker I Pastor I Best-Selling Author & Winner of 19 literary awards
With the fundamental belief that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, Kevin Wayne Johnson lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is reflected through his national […]